HERC's TV: Shows He Misses From 2010-2011 Season

Television's highly anticipated Fall Premiere season has begun and what better time to ignore the new offerings and instead look back on those shows that did not make the cut in seasons past.  HERC has already mourned, albeit ever so briefly, the loss of two of his favorite shows from last season HERE.  
It only compounded his sadness when one of the stars of said shows recently passed - R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan - HERC was compelled to watch The Finder again in it's entirety and is hoping for an official home video release soon. Another thing: It's gonna be weird when the guy who played "The Finder" aka "Walter" shows up on other shows now but HERC will be on the lookout for him. [Ed. his name is Geoffery Menton "Geoff" Stults and he's signed to appear on a few episodes of new show Ben & Kate]

Let's jump back past last season to the season of 2010-2011 and review HERC's favorite freshman shows that didn't return for a sophomore season.  In no particular order, they are:
CHAOS - Great cast, good premise, horrible time slot - if HERC remembers correctly (HEY! It was almost two years ago!) it was burned off on Saturday nights as a mid season (and then Summer) replacement series.  [Ed. I got nothing.]
Love Bites - From what HERC has read, so many things went wrong behind the scenes that this show never really stood a chance.  A clever, modern updating of one of HERC's all-time favorite shows Love, American Style with a few recurring characters, a whole bunch of recognizable guests each episode and writers who ran a thread through the stories to tie them all together.  Eventually aired as a Summer replacement series.
Terriers - This show was sooooo good.  Well-written, well-acted and well, missed.  Find it, watch it, wait a couple of weeks and watch it again.  It's that good.  Was it the title that led people to avoid it?  Other quirky FX shows have done well but for whatever reason this one was put down.   Rumblings of a possible Terriers movie surfaced at the end of August 2012.  Anyone else remember Donal Logue's show The Knights of Prosperity?  It's where Sofia Vergara first displayed her um um um comedic talents.  [Ed. Good save, HERC.]
Outsourced - Based on the movie of the same name, the sitcom played up the comedy and made light of cultural differences.  While the title and subject matter is a sore one here at the Hideaway household, HERC giggled and laughed more than he would have expected while watching this.  HERC recommends the movie (see trailer below) as well but wishes it had been done with the TV cast as he found them more likable.

Glory Daze - Aside from having one of the greatest songs in the world as it's theme song, this show was a look at college life in the late 1980s.  It had the good sense and fortune to cast HERC favorites Brad Garret and Cheri Oterri in small roles.  Besides the theme song, the show featured somewhat lesser played hits of the Eighties on it's soundtrack as featured in the playlist below:

The Good Guys - Man, oh man, this was an entertaining show.  Unfortunately, no one watched it when it was on.  HERC thinks it was on Friday nights - go figure.  The chemistry between Whitford and Hanks was awesome.  Interesting that both actors went on to play serial killers (Ed. Brad on The Mentalist and Colin on Dexter] after this series because the soundtrack was KILLER.  Listen for yourself below:

Mr. Sunshine - This show was brilliantly cast, insanely funny and heavily promoted - no wonder it was cancelled.  Correct him if he's wrong but HERC believes this is the only show featured today that HAS been released on DVD. [Ed. You're wrong, HERC: Outsourced is also out on shiny digital discs.]

What shows do you miss from the 2010-2011 season?  Let HERC know in the Comments.  He'll be back again with another collection of his favorite one-and-done shows.

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