Yacht Rock [HERC's Mix]

Christopher Cross's Number One hit "Sailing" was the zenith of the smooth sound that later came to be known as "yacht rock" after winning Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Album Of The Year at the 23rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony held in 1981.

Although some may use the term "yacht rock" in a derisive or negative way, HERC prefers to see it as a positive description of the smooth and mellow music from 1975-1984 he often unwinds to after the sun drops here at The Hideaway.  [FULL DISCLOSURE: HERC does not own a yacht nor watercraft of any kind.] 

And HERC absolutely adores the 12 part series of the same name from 2005 (and 2007 and 2010) which is credited with spreading the the term and actually reviving the careers of several of the actual artists who were fictionally depicted.  Join "Hollywood" Steve as he tells a few tales of some of the smoothest music ever created... 
So to recap, we have a mythical subgenre of music that encompasses many award-winning artists of the mid to late 70s as well as the early Eighties, featuring everyone from Steely Dan to Michael Jackson to Van Halen, whose songs and albums sold in the millions possibly billions and were literally on almost every movie soundtrack album of the era - what's not to like?

But you know HERC's Mix isn't gonna trifle with no 87 song playlist.  Put it on blast or more appropriately, find a volume where you can barely hear the music, cause here comes 200 smooth songs!

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