Green means Go!: NOW Yearbook '85 [2022]

Almost exactly eleven months after announcing NOW Yearbook '84, NOW Towers decreed that NOW Yearbook '85 would be released on November 4, 2022. Featuring 79 tracks from the British pop music charts of 1985 spread out across four discs, it would be business as usual for obsessive NOW collectors as well as casual fans who have a soft spot for popular UK music of the mid-80s.
As had been the case with their annual anthologies for both 1983 and 1984, NOW Yearbook '85 is being made available in three formats: a top-of-the-line 4CD set in hard-back book-like packaging with an informative booklet, an abbreviated 44-track 3LP set pressed on green vinyl and a no-frills lesser-priced 4CD set.
Did the folks at NOW leave off any of your favorites? Better yet, did they surprise you with what they're including? What would your personal NOW Yearbook '85 look and sound like? Let the tracklist and choice of colored vinyl speculation for NOW Yearbook '86 begin!
Maybe some of you are wondering "Has it really been an entire year between the first and the third NOW Yearbook? That doesn't seem very NOW-like." Maybe some of you already know that NOW Yearbook '85 is actually the thirteenth collection in the soon-to-be one-year-old Yearbook series. Wait! What? Yup, I'm that far behind in writing them up. Tune in next time dear readers when we jump back and cover the actual third and fourth volumes in the NOW Yearbook series as they defied expectations and redefined what the series would look and sound like going forward (and backward).

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