Scrobble Report: 1Q 2017

For a music fan and numbers geek like me, last.fm and scrobbling is a lot of fun. The number above is the number of unique songs I have listened to between January 1 and March 31, 2017. More than a thousand of those songs got two or more plays which pushed up the total scrobbles for the three-month period to 6,938.
The Beatles/1967-1970 was my most-listened-to album during the first quarter of 2017. Not surprisingly, The Beatles were also the artist with the most scrobbles. From a slightly different perspective, I listened to 2,329 artists and 4,356 unique albums, including thirty-five albums in their entirety, during that same period. The other 2000+ artists I listened to can be found here while the rest of the albums I listened to can be found here
My single most-listened-to song for the first three months of 2017 was "So Into You" by Atlanta Rhythm Section. The only reason I can offer for the high number of plays (9) is I've been listening to a lot of songs from 1977 for research purposes. The scan above is my personal copy of the 45, which I won in the fifth grade from our music teacher, Mrs. White, as the grand prize in a month-long music trivia contest which mixed questions from music class with questions about the songs and artists we were listening to on the radio. Well, the actual prize was "your favorite 45" at the time and this baby was indeed my favorite. I tried adjusting the image several times in an effort to make the tiny little red ink smiley stamp Mrs. White applied to the label visible. It appears right above the matrix number. If you're curious, the other 5,163 songs are listed here. Tune back in around the first week of July for the next quarterly scrobbling report and half-year scrobbling analysis.

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