Ghosts of Christmas Albums Past: WELCOME TO OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY

Ghosts Of Christmas Albums Past features Christmas/Holiday albums that have been previously released and are returning in 2016 in new packaging or with new track(s) or in a new format. Or any combination. Straight up reissues are on the naughty list.
We loved this one here at The Hideaway when it was first released last year and this year the charity (MusiCares) disc returns with one new track - "A Very Merry Medley" - tacked onto the front of the album rather than appended to the end. The track is a lot of fun and highly recommended, especially for fans of Stars on 45!

In one of those weird, random coincidences that intrigue me to no end, today (12/13/16) my friend Scott Keller has included this very tune in the Ninth Day of his 100 Top Christmas Songs way up at number 12! Not too shabby for a freshman track!

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