Hot on the heels of Justin Beiber's unprecedented domination of the UK singles chart - occupying the top 3 spots simultaneously! - comes the Spring 2016 Edition of Now That's What I Call Music aka NOW 93. The 44 track double disc CD streets on Friday, March 18th. Virtually every track is currently in the upper half of the 200 Most Played Tracks Daily UK list on Spotify as I type this and according to the Official Charts Company, six of the singles have hit Number One. For your troubles, you get a track each by Bieber and Coldplay on both discs; so for a lot of you that's four reasons not to listen right off the bat. Before we get to the rest of the tracklist, a few videos of my favorite tracks.
Yeah, I really like that one;)
And finally, a hot and sweaty rendition from Live Aid of Now 93's final track, a tribute to the never-to-be-forgotten David Bowie.
A week after NOW 93 hits, Now That's What I Call Brit Hits drops. A massive three disc, 63 track celebration of post-millenium British artists and hits produced in partnership with The Official Charts Company. Featuring songs "responsible for selling more than 51 million singles in the UK, 38 of them have been UK Number 1s in the UK’s Official Singles Chart, and 18 are million-selling singles" though some songs also appear NOW 93 and other NOW compilations you may have purchased. Fans were quick to point out that two of the UK's biggest stars, Ed Sheeran and Adele, are completely absent. Other fans (like yours truly) were all like "remember the Now That's What I Call British album from 2012?" It was a single disc 18 track disc unique to the United States. Only three or four songs from that compilation are on this new one.  But first a few vids...

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