The cassette playback functionally has yet to be restored the Hideaway's new digs but we're working on it. In the meantime, here's another kinda sideways mixtape for ya. Hope you like it.
Soulology - Party Grooves is a U.S. Warner/Chappell Music Publishing 61-track very limited promotional sampler 4CD-R set with interesting front artwork and back track listing (catalog number WCMCMS004). I saw it offered once on eBay - I grabbed the cover art and description - but could not afford it. It's a good listen though, featuring many classic funk and disco songs from the Sixties, Seventies & Eighties. Thanks to the Spoitfy playlists below, you can groove along. As the song lengths weren't listed in the seller's original description, I used my own discretion and each playlist lasts about 90 minutes.

Stay tuned for three other Soulology compialtions!

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