Have You Heard these four Soul Men?

Maybe you have maybe you haven't but I've been digging on them since first hearing them and you might like them too. Let me know your thoughts or first impressions in the comments below.

First heard this one in Old Navy store around Christmas 2013.  Sound Hound app found the song for me and I looked it up on Spotify (this was before Sound Hound did that for you automagically) and added to my LISTEN! playlist.  Have since become enamored of other songs of his like last year's "Come And Get It", which is featured in a Ford commercial now.  If I had to describe his sound, I'd say classic Northern Soul meets today's EDM (electronic dance music).  It's not for everyone but for me and more than 100 million other Spotify users who've played this track, it scratches the itch.

Been a fan of Mayer (born Andy Cohen) since hearing his spot on Motown tributes.  Bought the Deluxe Edition of his 2013 album in early 2014 and discovered this little gem on the bonus disc.  Had I heard it anywhere else, I would have sworn it was Pharrell.  Great song, could almost be autobiographical for me but I was never this laid back nor this funky.  Mayer's next project was the Eighties funk duo Tuxedo and it is definitely worth checking out.  
Bradley is the real deal.  Hard life?  Check.  Natural talent and years of practice? Check and check.  Discovered by the guys behind Dap-Tone Records who paired him with the Menahan Street Band for a couple of albums, his latest release sees him fronting The Budos Band on a soulful cover of Black Sabbath's "Changes" and he owns it.  (For the single's artwork, Dap-Tone went with a Black Sabbath tribute as well.)  It has always been my favorite Sabbath/Ozzy song even though it makes me sad as hell and just guts me.  Not like Bowie's more upbeat song of the name name.

Though it came out in August 2015, my ears never had the pleasure of hearing Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats until about 48 hours ago.  I was researching the UK charts and happened to glance at the Blues and Jazz chart where his eponymous album sat at Number One.  I looked it up on Spotify and added the album's first track "I Need Never Get Old" to my LISTEN! playlist.  It might be my new mantra for 2016 though I am still unsure about the lyrics.  Surprised to find this album has also topped the Folk Albums chart here in the US as well as gone Top 5 on the Alternative Albums and Rock Albums charts.  Over on the Top 200, it made it to number 17 though currently it sits at number 66 after twenty weeks on the chart.  What does it sound like?  I got no folk vibe from it, that's for sure but it turns out that was what Rateliff was known for prior to forming the Night Sweats and signing to the legendary Stax label.  He reminds me of Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and others. Highly recommended!

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  1. I was only familiar with Bradley, but will give the other three a try. Thanks for the tip.