Kenny Roger's ONCE AGAIN IT'S CHRISTMAS [2015]

Those of us who are privileged to take "the older folks" out for a nice meal every now & then know that usually means coupons, Senior discounts, buffets, 4PM meals... or a trip to Cracker Barrel.  During one such recent trek to Cracker Barrel, a friend noticed they were selling a new Kenny Rogers Christmas disc and felt the need to alert me, knowing I am a fan of Sweet Kenny Rogers.  A quick on-line search assured me the disc - Once Again It's Christmas - was available wherever CDs are sold but that the Cracker Barrel version has an exclusive bonus track "(I Love) The Winter Weather" featuring The Time Jumpers.  Just sayin'.
Rogers is no stranger to Christmas music - he has recorded at least six other Holiday themed albums over the past thirty-four years and it is no coincidence he recently embarked on his 34th Annual (and in all likelihood final) Christmas & Hits Tour after he announced earlier this year he was retiring from touring to spend more time perfecting his roasted chicken recipe in hopes of relaunching his once great Kenny Rogers Roasters empire here in the States.
Once Again It's Christmas is a good satisfying listen even if it finds Kenny's sweet, immediately recognizable voice a bit aged and worn much like those comforatble jeans of yours that you have to rescue from the going to Goodwill pile every year.  Half of the songs were unfamiliar to me but they might become favorites after repeated listens.  Always good to hear Alison Krauss's angelic voice.  Has she done a Christmas album yet?
Here are the other Sweet Kenny Rogers Christmas albums available on Spotify.  Like the Wisemen, each one comes bearing gifts.

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