Disco Friday: MONDO DISCO [2011]

The hype sticker affixed to some copies of Mondo Disco teased "weird & wonderful disco artifacts" and while I can't attest to the veracity of  the former claim, the latter is most definitely truthful.  The album is the ninth release in the Disco Discharge series and the first in the third wave of the series, launched in 2011.  There are twenty-three tracks spread across the two discs and once again, one of my all-time favorites is included on the second disc, a song I first encountered not in a club setting but on my own Soundesign stereo via K-Tel's magnificent Starburst album.
It just hit me nine volumes in that I have been missing a huge opportunity to showcase the artwork of the various albums and singles that the songs that are featured on each Disco Discharge album.  Let's rectify that oversight right now and see what we can find for Mondo Disco.
This is the Japanese release of I'm On Fire-Love Cloud by 5000 Volts from 1978.  It was released two years after the worldwide release of the group's self-titled debut album yet featured many of the the same tracks with the addition of their hit "Love Cloud" from 1977.
Who's Who's "Hypno Dance" was the b-side of this Japanese 45 for "Roll Jacky Roll" from 1980.  Roller Disco, baby!
The green eyes and red lips are wonderfully complimented by the gold bath on this cover of Liquid Liquid's one and only album, a 1979 Casablanca release here in the States.
This one is the American release of the the group's first album in 1978.  Artwork looks like a photo of the artwork taken from a Seventies Super Van or the hood of a low rider. I argued with the Hideaway's censor over this one for two minutes before winning my case.
Another clash with the censor was over this, the original Italian release of Azoto's wonderfully named Disco Fizz.
Up top is the cover of the 1979 American release of Disco Circus while just above is the international cover for the same album. 
And finally, the front cover, back cover and gatefold of the 1979 German release of La Bionda's Bandido.

yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1978I Got A FeelingPatrick Juvet5:425
1976Doctor Kiss Kiss5000 Volts3:07-
1979Body To BodyGepy & Gepy7:39-
1979HypnodanceWho's Who4:47-
1977He Was A SteppenwolfBoney M6:52-
1979African BloodSupermax8:34-
1979Bourgie BourgieJohn Davis & the Monster Orchestra6:10-
1977Flight To VersaillesGrand Tour5:029
1977Lady AmericaVoyage6:521
1979Call Me TonightCerrone7:36-
1984Trippin' On The MoonClaudja Barry7:5424
1984(Looking For Someone to Love) TonightTechnique4:2829
1981The Last RomanticPassengers4:30-
1979My Baby's BabyLiquid Gold4:305
1981Don't Take The Night AwayAdrian Baker7:41-
1977I Can't Stand The RainEruption6:276
1978Souvenirs (instrumental)Voyage6:20-
1979San SalvadorAzoto6:51-
1979Que Sera Mi VidaThe Gibson Brothers6:438
1979Love StoryAndy Williams9:41-
1978Over & OverDisco Circus9:0124
1979Deserts Of MarsLa Bionda6:34-

Looks like we have just nine of the songs from Mondo Disco land on the disco chart, with six rising into the Top 10 and one going all the way to Number One.  The average song is 6:29 and came out in 1979 though the timeline of all the songs run from 1976-1984.  There are two songs by Voyage and it turns out there is at least one song that falls under into the weird category, for me at least: crooner Andy Williams take on "Love Story" in an epic disco mix that comes way out of left field, which is usually where the weird hangs out.  It's a great mix courtesy of Bob Esty, though.  Lots of stuff that was new to me on Mondo Disco and that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it.  Did I mention there is a series of discs that follows Disco Discharge?  It's called Disco Recharge.  HERC don't lie.

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  1. I have always enjoyed Eruption's version of "I Can't Stand the Rain". This extended mix is wonderful. And you just have to love how wild and suggestive 70's album covers could be - especially for R&B and disco stuff. Sex sells, baby.