Now That's What I Call A Summer Party [2015]

Hey! How's your Summer going?  That's neat, mine too. Back on June 8th, I proclaimed The Song Of Summer 2015. Two days later, I revealed my soundtrack for Summer 2015 and virtually ever Summer ever.  But enough about me, here's what those mad geniuses holed up in London's NOW Music Labs hope you'll buy and download this sweaty season.
Released June 22nd, 2015, the triple disc Now That's What I Call A Summer Beach Party is slathered with 64 uptempo party jams suitable for the pop loving grandchildren of the pop loving people who bought the very first Now That's What I Call Music back in 1983.  A quick glance tells me that each and every track has been released within the last decade.  Here's a few videos from the album before we reveal the tracklist and Spotify playlist.  Fun fact: the videos below have an accumulated viewership of just under 2 billion!!!

All thanks to Jake Price for his original Spotify playlist.

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