My 25 Favorite "One Good Song Albums" from 1985

Though my favorite decade of music runs from 1973-1982 or 1974-1983 depending on the day, the year 1985 saw a bit of decent music released as well.  I should know, I bought some of it back then.  My good friend, the soft rock kid™, also picked up a few memorable albums in 1985 and he has recently been counting down his 25 favorites.  I have my own Top 50 Albums Of 1985 list and I'll share that someday, someway but I have other 1985 lists as well.  Last week, I featured my list of the Greatest "Greatest Hits" albums that were released in 1985 and I also have a Favorite Soundtrack Albums of 1985 list and a list (and a short one at that) of My Three Favorite EPs of 1985.  Today's list is My 25 Favorite "One Song Albums" of 1985, which is a list of my favorite albums not found on any other list of mine that only have one good song in my opinion. Dems fighting words so let the melee begin! Make your case for any of the albums or share your own list of "One Song" Albums from 1985 in the Comments below.


  1. Whoa there, Daddio... You sure there's ONLY one good song on Night Ranger's "7 Wishes", A-ha's "Hunting High And Low", Marillion's "Misplaced Childhood", Loverboy's "Lovin' Every Minute Of It", 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry", Cameo's "Single Life" AND The Dream Academy's self-titled opus??? I would definitely beg to differ.

  2. Only a few disagreements from me. Out of everyone featured, I only saw three of the bands, one being Level 42, and the U.S. version had "Hot Water", a song I always liked, along with "Leaving Me Now". I always felt the B-side to "Hot Water", "Dream Crazy", was better than everything on the album.

    As for Zapp, I never liked "Computer Love" as much as others and I always preferred "It Doesn't Really Matter", especially the single edit.

    In terms of Cameo, I always preferred "Single Life" over "Attack Me With Your Love". I know the videos for both were generally shown back to back (at least on BET) but I always liked one more over the other.

    "Close To Me" is one of my favorite Cure songs but I always liked "In Between Days". That album is not my favorite Cure album but I never had any problem with them.

    BTW: The other two groups I saw were Kiss (never liked the the ASYLUM album) and The Cult (my favorite album of theirs is ELECTRIC). As for Santana, I kinda gave up on them after the MARATHON album, which I still love to this day. I like some of their early 80's singles, they're my guilty pleasures from time to time, so I'll listen to "Hold On" as much as I would "Say It Again". However, all the goodness of that era of Santana ended with the MARATHON album.

  3. Only one good song on the Pointer Sisters' Contact? Blasphemy! That album is very solid from start to finish.

  4. Vive la différence!

    Seems you touched a nerve with this post, my friend. Our opinions differ only slightly. I would argue the Level 42, 'Til Tuesday, and Dream Academy albums all have a few good songs apiece (in particular, I point to the use of the latter's "Edge of Tomorrow" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.)

    If I never hear "Party All the Time" and "Take On Me" again, that's for the best.

    I can't speak to the rest as I've never heard those albums, so I'm tapping out.

    Great idea for a post. I hope there's more to come along these lines.