HERC vs Apple Music - First Impressions

Promptly at eight AM local Hideaway Time, I began the iOS update process on an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, an iPad Air and an iPad Mini.  (MRS. HERC was using her iPhone 6 for some "farm business" so I will have to update it later.)  The iPhone 5 was the first device to finish the process and as it happens it was the one device (because it doubles as my wallet with my driver's license, insurance card and debit card tucked into a slit on back of phone case) I needed as I rushed out the door on my way to regularly scheduled doctor's appointment.  I defaulted to Spotify for drive down simply because it was ready to go and I don't mess with my phone while driving.  Queen's Greatest Hits (1981) was the playlist of choice for drive down.
At doc's office, in the waiting room, I explored the Apple Music interface.  (For those of you that have yet to find the app yet, it is the formerly all red and white Music icon.  As I never ever used it, the icon was buried in a group of other required by iOS but never used apps.)  My first impression was that it seems a little complicated for Apple, heretofore known for their relative simplicity in both design and usage.  As my phone is mostly a passenger, either in my pocket or in the Blueberry, I am definitely not the most qualified guy to judge the Apple Music on the iPhone but was able to find the much-hyped Beats1 Radio just as it officially launched at nine AM, by which time I was in private room in doctor's office, listening to him tend to another patient in the room next door.  The song below was the song that heralded the arrival of DJ Zane Lowe and Beats1 Radio and I like it.

Then when I selected the For You tab, I was greeted by the screen pictured at top of this post.  I captured a screen-grab for posterity and then the doctor came in.  After he finished lecturing me on the importance of a proper low-carb diet and regular cardio exercise, I left his office feeling strangely refreshed and hurried home to continue testing Apple Music on the iPads.  Tune back in tomorrow for second impressions of Apple Music.

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