They're back in that ugly green: AC/DC on Spotify!

AC/DC has stopped beating around the bush and allowed their music to be enjoyed by millions on Spotify!  If you are one of the five people in the world who have never partaken in the bad boys boogie, fear not as there are two entry points for the noob: Who Made Who and Iron Man 2, both unofficial soundtracks to the films Maximum Overdrive and, well, Iron Man 2, respectively.

And for all you little devils that have been with the band since whenever, Spotify and AC/DC have graciously provided two argument starting playlists: AC/DC: The 70's aka the Bon Scott Years and AC/DC: The 80's aka the Brian Johnson Years.
Daughter Dev has been in Italy for the past two weeks hitting all the sights and it gives me great pride to share with you that she was genuinely disappointed upon visiting THE Coliseum in Rome that the words above the arched entry way did not translate to "For Those About To Rock We Salute You."  Raised her right, I did.


  1. This may be hard for the kids out there to believe, but AC/DC's music has been available all along in any number of formats... Like CD's, for instance! Strange, I know, but that's always been my own preferred method of music consumption.

    For the record, Dirk thinks (literally) everything from the Bon Scott era of AC/DC is flawless, while much of the Brian Johnson era is just flawed ("Back In Black", "For Those About To Rock" & "The Razors Edge" being the only exceptions to that argument). Like Brian just fine as a vocalist, but Bon Scott was the Jim Morrison of AC/DC... Charismatic & irreplaceable.

    1. Speaking only for my kids, they are very much aware of the vinyl and CD releases of AC/DC as their father "forced" them to listen to just about every single one of them repeatedly and at painfully loud volumes.

      "Shoot To Thrill" seemed to be a family consensus favorite way before it was used in Dukes Of Hazzard and Iron Man 2.

      When you meet them, ask them how much they love the music of AC/DC. They will tell you how and show you how much. The fact that they can now stream or cache the band's music on their iPhones and iPads through their paid Spotify accounts is certainly good news to them.

    2. Meet your kids? How 'bout I meet the parents first??

      We'll have a lot to talk about, you and I... So, make room at that Algonquin Round Table of yours there at the Hideaway, cuz' I'ma bringin' the Soft Rock Kid with me!!