ICE #45 - December 1990

Twenty four years ago this month, HERC was 24, happily married and the proud papa of a three year old daughter and a month old son.  He was scarfing up compact discs at the maximum rate his limited budget would allow.  One such disc he was gonna get was the long awaited 1999 upgrade with the restored "D.M.S.R.", which was one of two cover stories on issue #45 of ICE.  HERC still has both CDs, the original and the upgrade.
HERC has been very fortunate in his CD buying experiences, rarely picking up any discs that appeared in The CD Watchdog column of ICE.  However, he did (and does) own the Mega Hits Dance Classics series of discs mentioned in the second and third paragraphs on the right.  HERC never took issue with the single edit of "Play That Funky Music" or the guy's three other complaints about the series but he did enjoy the label guy's quote that the series had "kind of a K-Tel philosophy."
That Christmas one of HERC's new co-workers inexplicably dropped $50 on Jimi Hendrix's Lifeline box set as an unexpected gift for HERC. Two other girls bought music books (valued at more than $250) with a card proclaiming HERC "the best boss ever!" With Mrs. HERC's permission HERC took the latter two young ladies to see Bon Jovi in concert three months later to ease his conscience.  To this day, one of them still sends both a Birthday and a Christmas card HERC's way. (EDIT 12/10/14 3:30PM MST): Her card was just delivered today!

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