Casey Kasem presents AMERICA'S TOP 10: THROUGH THE YEARS [2000]

In the Fall of 2000, an informercial began airing around the country featuring legendary countdown disc jockey Casey Kasem.  In it, Kasem used his beloved voice and considerable charm to hawk a five CD set called America's Top 10: Through The Years.  Each disc covered a specific decade, from the 1950s through the 1990s, with 20 Top 10 songs from the decade on each disc for a total of 100 songs. (noticeably missing from the set are Elvis and the Beatles, who had a few Top 10 hits between them)  As far as HERC can tell, the discs were initially only available in this special TV offer before showing up individually on retailer shelves about six months later, in the Spring of 2001.  Over the next few years, more than sixteen other discs were released under the America's Top 10 banner, including this one, recently reviewed over at The CD Project.  Collectors should note that the five original discs were reissued in 2004 with coverart more consistent with the rest of the discs that had been released but the tracklistings remained the same.  Warner Special Products handled the manufacturing.  After the video below, HERC offers Spotify playlists for each of the five six discs.

The still above, captured from the informercial, caught HERC's eye so he set out to identify the week of the Top 10 pictured. 1983 was obvious given Michael at the top of the chart so he pulled out his soon-not-to-be-out-of-print copy of Billboard's Hot 100 Charts - The Eighties and opened it - right to March 12, 1983, which turned out to be the Top 10 pictured above, making the show's date March 13, 1983.   So there you have it.  HERC has entirely too much time on his hands.

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