Summer In Stereo #6

If things had gone as planned in the Summer of 1984, Streets Of Fire would have been box office gold and the two other films in the proposed trilogy would have been given the green light.  If things had gone as planned in the Summer of 1984, Janice S. would have been HERC's "girlfriend" instead of his "girl friend" and he would have finally had the cheerleader girlfriend he had always wanted. But they say life is what happens while we are busy making plans so we get what we get.  HERC got his high school diploma in the Summer of 1984.  After a mercy breakup with his college girlfriend so she would have a clear conscious while studying in Mazatlan for the Summer semester, HERC began casting about for new female companionship.  Rather than seeking out anyone "new", he turned to his two best friends, which also happened to be smoking hot women. Since school was out, he spent a lot of time with former classmate Janice as they tended to like the same music and movies.  She was HERC's date to both Purple Rain and Streets of Fire but it was after the latter, as HERC moved in for a goodnight kiss that she dropped the "we're better off as friends" bomb.  A day after that, HERC was talking to his other best friend, whom he also worked with, who was also the girlfriend who broke up with him's younger smarter sexier sister, and she invited him over to watch a movie the next night at the house she was house sitting.  She is now MRS. HERC.  So I guess you could say things worked out.   Turns out MRS. HERC loves Streets Of Fire nearly as much as HERC does, both movie and soundtrack.

"Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young" plays at the film's finale just before the credits roll and The Fixx's "Deeper And Deeper" plays.  The song that opens the film is the equally dramatic, equally bombastic and some might say equally cheesy "Nowhere Fast".  HERC can't hear one without the other.

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