Summer In Stereo #1

Wanna know a secret?  "Hot Summer Nights" was the very first song HERC wrote down on a Post It®, folded and put in the magic bag from which he has since drawn all 100 of his daily Summer In Stereo songs.  As fate would have it, "Hot Summer Nights" was the last song HERC would draw from that bag as well. Yes, it is a cover song but what a great one.  (Though this guy would disagree.)  A HERC Summer favorite since the very first time he heard it on WLS in mid-August 1979.  While Walter ("Magnet & Steel") Egan took his original to #55 in 1978, Night made it into the Top 20 the very next year.  

When "Hot Summer Nights" debuted at #85 on the Hot 100 for the week ending June 23, 1979, it was among a group of classic summer songs that included the following:





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