Summer In Stereo #50

HERC first remembers hearing "Listen To What The Man Said" at the age of nine, riding in the backseat of his Aunt Judy's early seventy-something (1972?) baby blue Gran Torino with a white top during the Summer of 1975.  HERC liked the way the song just began, there was no intro - you were just into the song.  He also liked what he thought was clarinet at the time but actually turned out to be saxophone throughout the song.  The song's melody is catchy and he'd find himself humming it for the rest of the day after just one hearing.  Lastly, HERC always liked how the song slowed down at 3:25 in the single version and then faded out.  If HERC remembers correctly the Summer of 1975 was the Summer he learned to swim at the city swimming pool (which was still sadly segregated at the time) and Judy dropped him off and picked him up every day at the pool for two or three weeks during those lessons.  More often than not, she would stop at UtoteM for a soda or even Carroll's for a burger, fries and shake on the way home to Texas Grandma's house.  This song is crazy crammed of Summer Memories for HERC, how about you?

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