Summer In Stereo #49

HERC has well-documented HERC SR's love of the music of the Ventures and the Beach Boys.  Despite never having surfed in his life, HERC SR. loves the surf music of the early Sixties.  One of his favorite cuts is Dick Dale and the Del-Tones 1962 killer riff on "Misirlou", a tune HERC had all but forgotten until Tarantino plucked it from obscurity and included it in his 1994 film Pulp Fiction.  At the time Dale recorded it, the song had been around for more than 35 years and had been internationally popularized through the fine art of belly dancing which made it a natural fit for the bikini beach scene.

Originally titled "Outer Limits" until a lawsuit was brought by Rod Serling, The Marketts "Out Of Limits" went on to become a #3 hit and was covered by The Ventures. Whenever HERC hears "Misirlou" he immediately expects to hear "Out Of Limits" next in some sort of weird musical Pavlovian conditioning.  By coincidence, "Out Of Limits" is also heard in Pulp Fiction, though it is not included on the U.S. soundtrack album, it can be found on the international version of the Collector's Edition of the movie's soundtrack.

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