Summer In Stereo #46

Summer means a few more cookouts here at The Hideaway and nothing helps pass the time like a smokin' BBQ playlist. This year HERC concocted one he calls burnt ends.  One of the stand-out songs he's heard from the playlist so far is "Fever" by The Black Keys.

The Keys are no stranger to HERC's annual BBQ playlists. In 2012, "Lonely Boy" got more than a few plays:

And in the Summer of 2011, their throbbing, whistling hit "Tighten Up" saw it's share of airtime during grill time:

Even as far back as Summer of 2009, HERC was digging on "I'll Be Your Man", the theme song to one of his wife's favorite shows.  HERC's pretty sure he also added it to burnt ends this Summer though he doesn't recall it coming up yet.

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