Summer In Stereo #38

Great music, the really classic music is timeless, as if it had always existed and was just waiting to be heard. Whether you hear it when it was created or more than forty years after it was originally recorded, great music stands the test of time.  HERC confesses that he heard today's song covered by two other artists (Robert Palmer and The Clash) before he discovered The Harder They Come soundtrack album and the original version of "Pressure Drop".  But it is a classic, immune to fads, technology and ignorance.  It doesn't matter when you hear it, just that you heard it.  And if you don't consider yourself a fan of reggae music, give The Harder They Come a spin.  It just may change your life.

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  1. I fully endorse any and all of Frederick Hibbert's work. Like you, I was introduced to this song through a cover version, in my case it was by The Specials. In a close race, "Funky Kingston" narrowly beats "Pressure Drop" as my favorite Toots song in a photo finish.