Summer In Stereo #100

For 2014, HERC was challenged to post each day for one hundred consecutive days, the 100 Days Of Summer: May 24th-Sept. 1st.  So welcome to Herc's Summer In Stereo, where each day he'll post one (or more) of his favorite Summer songs - there is no rhyme or reason to the order of the songs but all of them have Summer connections for HERC..  And if we're lucky, we'll get a few bonus posts, playlisticles and maybe some Summer-themed regular features like Mixtape Mondays and AT40 Flashbacks.

The first of those 100 daily songs HERC will be featuring in the Summer in Stereo series is the über suspenseful "Theme from JAWS" by legendary film composer John Williams.

The single, from the Oscar and Grammy winning soundtrack album, charted a couple of weeks after the film had opened in the Summer of 1975 and eventually peaked at #32.  For HERC, it will always be one of the truly Summer-ish songs, able to transport him back to the Summer of 1975 with just two notes.

Break-in record king Dickie Goodman released "Mr. Jaws" four weeks after the film's theme and ended up with a #4 certified Gold hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the late Fall and early Winter of 1975.  The single topped the Cashbox, Record World and WLS charts.

Putting yet another spin on the ominous theme, Lalo Schifrin (Theme from "Mission: Impossible"), put his funky, jazzy adaption of the Jaws theme on his acclaimed Black Widow album from 1976.

Tune in tomorrow for Summer In Stereo #99.   

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