As loyal viewers have no doubt surmised from HERC's previous screenings here at the Hideaway Film Fest, the man doesn't care much for critically acclaimed or award-winning films.  But after viewing today's film, he feels somebody involved with American Hustle should win something at next month's Academy Awards. Great writing, great acting, great direction, great costumes and tying it all together, a killer soundtrack from director David O. Russell and music supervisor Susan Jacobs.

Though the film's events, loosely based on the ABSCAM sting operation, takes place during 1978-1980, most of the music is from earlier on in the decade.  And some of the tunes date back much, much further.  Jacobs comments on the process of song choices in this interview.

The official soundtrack album (above) features half of the songs heard in the film and it makes for a pretty good listen. But HERC wanted more (Steely Dan, Chicago, Todd Rundgren, Temptations - to name a few) and thanks to Spotify, he got it:

Spotify user Ludwig Mattsson put together what he calls American Hustle - Complete Soundtrack and it certainly lives up to that title with 28 tracks.

This playlist takes the soundtrack to a higher level "Featuring classic 70's anthems from and inspired by the hit motion picture".  There are 61 songs here running just over 4 hours. 

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