Barry Scott presents THE LOST 45s OF THE '70s & '80s [1998]

What's the difference between 
"lost", "forgotten" and "hard to find"?
With a dream to have every Top 40 hit from the Seventies and Eighties in his library for his radio show, Barry Scott watched his dream come fourteen songs closer to reality in October 1998 with the release of Barry Scott presents The Lost 45s of the '70s & '80s.  By that time he'd been doing his radio show, The Lost 45s, for more than a dozen years and published a book of interviews with artists from the Seventies and Eighties.  Scott provides detailed liner notes on the songs and artists including chart positions.
Hot 100
1The Safety Dance [single edit]Men Without Hats19830:02:463
2A Fine Fine DayTony Carey19840:04:2822
3You Don't Want Me AnymoreSteel Breeze19820:03:3016
4My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) [single edit]Chilliwack19810:04:0022
5Moonlight Feels RightStarbuck19760:03:383
6I Wanna To Hear It From Your LipsEric Carmen19850:03:1835
7Breaking AwayBalance19810:03:1722
8Without You (Not Another Lonely Night) Franke & the Knockouts19820:03:4424
9Love's Grown DeepKenny Nolan19770:03:5920
10Modern Day DelilahVan Stephenson19840:04:0322
11Such A Woman [single edit]Tycoon19790:03:3826
12Him [single edit]Rupert Holmes19840:03:406
13More Than Just The Two Of Us [single edit]Sneaker19810:04:0634
14Find Another Fool [single edit]Quarterflash19820:03:3316

HERC paid $16 for this CD shortly after it was released.  It was among the highest prices he had ever paid for a single CD in stores but he felt it was worth it as there were genuinely a few rarities on the disc including tracks 6-10 and 13-14.  Several of the other songs were already available on various artists compilations from Rhino and Time-Life while other songs simultaneously appeared on 1998's Heard It On The Radio, Vol. 1 compilation.

The CD is now out of print and regularly sells for $60-$100 on the secondary market, though HERC has seen a few new copies show up for less than $30 recently.  If all you care about is the music, Barry himself will sell you a CD-R of the album complete with inkjet printed liner notes.

The Spotify playlist below contains most of the songs in the versions they appear on The Lost 45s album however some full-length album versions were substituted for unavailable single edits.

Stay tuned for Volume 2

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