So Fresh: Autumn Hits 2013 and So Fresh: Winter Hits 2013

So Fresh: The Hits Of Autumn 2013 was released on March 29, 2013.  The Australian compilation contains twenty tracks; nineteen of them are in the playlist below and seventeen of those are playable in the U.S.

Here are a few videos of  HERC's favorite songs from the album:

For HERC's money, he prefers Rihanna singing ballads rather than sexed-up club thumpers.  Her song "Stay" is absolutely gorgeous.  Which doesn't mean this song can't be sexy as well.

Anyone else besies HERC get a heavy whiff of the Eighties from Neon Trees and their two hits, this one and "Animal"? 

Admittedly, HERC was late to this track but it is a lot of fun and catchy as can be.   He often hums it for hours after hearing it.  There's a Spotify Sessions version, too.

This one still sounds fresh to HERC's ears even though it was released 11 months ago.  The whole Night Visions album is a good listen as well.

So Fresh: The Hits Of Winter 2013 was released on June 20, 2013.  All twenty tracks from the album are in playlist below, including the #1 smash hit "Blurred Lines":

Here are videos for three other songs HERC likes on this album:

Pretty song, typical P!nk video with a lot going on but what is up with that spooky teddy bear with lights for eyes?

Another winning song from the Dragons.  The video features Lou Diamond Phillips and some Muppet-style puppets.

Hopefully this isn't isn't the first time you've heard  the Australian duo Empire of the Sun and their positive musical messages.  And positively epic videos.  HERC's favorite song from EOTS remains "We Are The People".

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