If you know what WOXY was, you know every year from 1989 through 2009 (with the exception of 2004) the late lamented station did a countdown called the Modern Rock 500. For an entire generation of music lovers, this is the Holy Grail of countdowns and playlists, more relevant and pertinent than say Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time or any other such list.
Over the years, we've managed to wrangle up thirteen of them there countdowns and plugged all 1340 songs into a spreadsheet, generating all kinds of listacular goodness. Having just discovered Craig Froehle's wonderful WOXY tribute while researching this post, we will be adding more Modern Rock 500 countdowns to our spreadsheet and see what other ways we can sort and sift through the data.
The Spotify playlist above is made up solely of the 89 songs that appeared on each and every one of those lucky 13 countdowns... which means none of the tunes came out after 1989. We weighted them and ranked them based on their annual placement within the Modern Rock 500 to create the WOXY 89, from #89 to #1. Now where's that hacky sack?

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