An Album A Day #15: k.d. lang's INGENUE [1992]

HERC was familiar with ms. lang's earlier Canadian cowgirl stuff but when he heard this album playing one night in the record store, he didn't make the connection.  The sound was so frickin' mellow, so soothing, so romantic - HERC had to have it.  (This album that is.)

The album kicks off with the dreamy shuffle of "Save Me" then continues with "The Mind Of Love", a yearning, chastising inner dialogue.  This album not only plays nice in the bedroom or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it sounds good down by the water as well.  HERC likes to mix it up with Adele's 21 or Bryan Ferry's Taxi, to name but two similar sounding records.

"Miss Chatelaine", Ingenue's third track, is a slightly more upbeat track as both the tempo and instrumentation are raised considerably.  Then the mood simmers down again to that of the two album-opening songs for the next six songs.  Not a bad thing if you are trying to set or maintain a certain mood.  Never one to kiss and tell, HERC will say that soon after bringing this album home and playing it quite a bit, MRS. HERC was with child.

The album's closing track was the single "Constant Craving" which went on to win Lang a Grammy the following year.  Featuring almost identical instrumentation and tempo as that of "Miss Chatelaine", it is the softly soaring chorus that gives "Constant Craving" it's greatest hook.  For Valentine's Day 1993, HERC had the song's lyrics printed in the local paper for the very pregnant at the time MRS. HERC.

The hook in "Constant Craving" was so great that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards claim to have unwittingly and subconsciously picked it up when they wrote the song "Anybody Seen My Baby?" for their band's 1997 album Bridges To Babylon.  Richards daughter noticed the similarity before the album's release and the Glimmer Twins gave Lang and her songwriting partner, Ben Mink, an official writing credit.  

[Despite her appearance in the video above, HERC's Hideaway maintains an otherwise strict no Angelina Jolie policy.]

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