K-Tel: Wow! That's What I Call Music! 15: La Niña Bonita!

For the 15th installment of Music Mondays - and the 80th HERC's Hideaway post - we're gonna do something a little different.  Lest you thought HERC was the only one doing these K-Tel recreations on Spotify, here are a few playlists HERC discovered while doing some ..um.. research the other night out by the water.  And they were all created by the same guy!

First up - well, this is embarrassing - is the album HERC featured here at the Hideaway way back on May 28, 2012:

Mindbender (or as HERC calls it, Mind Bender)

Jay Larson, according to the "added" timestamp on his Spotify playlist, put it all together on 10/10/11 while HERC threw his playlist together on 04/26/12.  Mr. Larson's playlist only contains 17 of the 22 tracks on the album, perhaps because of it's earlier date of compilation some tracks may not have been available.  HERC's list features 19 tracks and, due to his strict code of no re-recordings or other substitutions in his playlists, does not feature a few of the tracks that Jay chose to include on his playlist.

HERC's research on Mind Bender also led him to an Australian version. Here's a playlist for your listening pleasure featuring 12 of the original album's 20 tracks.


Another one of Mr. Larson's playlists is for the 1973 K-Tel album, Fantastic.  This one is not part of HERC's stash so he put in the time to listen to it and he's not ashamed to admit there were a few songs he doesn't recall ever hearing before. Check it out below.  Jay rounded up 17 of the album's 22 tracks.

Today's final K-Tel recreation, courtesy of Jay Larson (his Spotify user name is "cowsicle"), is Chart Explosion from 1980.  It is a UK compilation and is HERC's favorite of the three playlists featured today.  Kudos to HERC's fellow Spotify user Jay Larson for his playlist contributions.  (Click on his name to go to his Spotify profile and see many, many more of his playlists - HERC subscribes to more than a few.)

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