Wow! That's That I Call Music! Number 9, Number 9...

So HERC veers off his own path again by featuring a non-K-Tel release.  This time it's MusicSpace.com's The Edge, the three disc, 50 track "ULTIMATE rock collection".  But wait, there's more!  If you act today, HERC will throw in Over The Edge, another triple disc, 50 song set featuring "all your favorite mega rock hits".  NOT SOLD IN STORES!

This post was inspired by the music HERC's sons listened to when they were younger and almost every song is a favorite of theirs.  Which is not to say HERC isn't digging a lot of these tunes as well.

scan by jezebelmusic.com

The first track that stands out for HERC is the Michael Jackson cover by Alien Ant Farm, "Smooth Criminal".  It's a blast of energy from start to finish and the video walks the fine line between parody and tribute.  Rock star violin virtuoso David Garrett also covered this song, sawing on the fiddle and playing it HOT!

Another track that rocks HERC's little world is the positively powerful P.O.D. and their epic anthem "Alive".  Released shortly before 9/11, the track is gospel grunge, Holy hair metal, God-rock at it's finest.  The video below is a trip, no?

Continuing in the 2001 feel-good vein, next up HERC digs Crazy Town's "Butterfly" an undeniably pretty little ditty built on a Red Hot Chili Peppers riff.  Lead rapper/singer Shifty Shellshock, he of tatted up and pierced out fame, later appeared on Celebrity Rehab Paul Oakenfold's "Starry Eyed Surprise", another equally catchy tune.

Closing out HERC's positive picks from The Edge and Over The Edge sets is Everclear's sing-songy 'Wonderful".  While it is not as lyrically positive, it is somewhat optimistic and that's enough for HERC who cites the every cloud has a silver-lining postulate.  Everclear seems to specialize in this sort of song - see "I Will Buy You A New Life", "Father Of Mine" and "AM Radio".

Before the 94 song, almost six hour long Spotify playlist, let's close this post out with that Alien Ant Farm tribute to Michael Jackson HERC "forgot" to include above - it only has 20 million views so have a heart and give it a few more...

What, you're still here?   Raise your hand if you thought this post was gonna be about this:

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