HERC's Mix: Monsters Of Rock Platinum

So, it's not the Monster Ballads Collection as teased previously - it's MusicSpace.com's Monsters Of Rock Platinum!

HERC dove deep into the Audio Archives and found not one but four Monster Rock CD's - Monster Rock Platinum, Monster Rock, Monster Rock Volume 2 and Monster Madness - which he dusted off and used to create the tasty Spotify playlist at the bottom of the post.  But first, let's look back at the glorious days of men in mascara and spandex.

HERC saw the Crue perform this one in 1983 and again in 1985.  They indeed lived up to this song's title - them is some ugly dudes.  HERC's favorite Crue tune remains "Kickstart My Heart".  OOOH!  YEAH!
Sadly, the guitarist in the video is no longer walking amongst us - Robbin Crosby left us in 2002.  HERC saw him and them perform this song in 1985.  He wanted to post a video for "Lack Of Communication", his favorite Ratt song but found no suitable candidates.
Don't tell anyone but HERC has seen Poison perform at least once, early on in their career in 1986 or 1987.  He just can't find the ticket stub right now...  This is probably HERC's favorite Poison tune but like the other two songs above it is NOT on any of the Monsters Of Rock CDs represented in the Spotify playlist below.

Depending on your response, HERC may post playlists for the four disc Monster Ballads Collection or even the "monster" Time-Life sets Ultimate Rock Ballads or Hard+Heavy.  Keep those comments and requests coming.

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