Great Music Mags: SONG HITS April 1978

For those of you hoping to see the March 1978 issue of SONG HITS, we apologize but our attempts to acquire said issue for less than $2 have been thus far unsuccessful. We'd like to have it just for the Gary Stewart feature. All we can offer is a cover scan we came across a while back:
If it is any consolation, just about all the songs listed on the cover of that issue are also found in the April 1978 issue, featuring Kansas on the cover as Pop Star Of The Month, as well as on pages 8 and 9. The lyrics to the group's hit "Point of Know Return", listed on the cover above, can be found on page 17 of the April 1978 issue of SONG HITS Magazine, which gives you fifty pages for your fifty cents.
Barry White is the issue's Soul Star Of The Month, honored with a two-page layout on pages 26-27 though sadly without a song lyric in the magazine. Sweet Kenny Rogers takes Country Star Of The Month honors and a spread across pages 38-39 with a notable quote from his momma, Lucille Rogers, that says Kenny "never worked a day in his life..that boy just kept on singing!" Rogers, like White, does not have a song featured in this month's issue of the magazine. Among the many advertisements for songwriters, musical instruments and musical equipment in the issue are ads for:
  • a replica key to Elvis Presley's first new Cadillac, along with a pendant, and a reproduction of the Cadillac's Bill of Sale (page 13)
  • Posters and Regular or Super 8 newsreels and "home movies" of The King from $3.50 to $34.95 (page 29)
  • an Elvis Petition to have August 16 declared National Elvis Presley Day that promised to be forwarded to President Jimmy Carter (page 29)
  • a Super Giant Elvis Poster Pack for $7.98 plus $1.50 shipping & handling that included one large color poster, 1 color button, 2 large (17 1/2" x 22 1/2") black & white posters and one sticker (page 47)
  • a Special Collector's Copy of the Last Will And Testament of Elvis A. Presley signed on March 3, 1977, by Elvis himself, with the entire 13-page document with bonus cover page going for $3 plus 50 cents postage and handling (back cover)
(The brittle condition of this issue prevented me from scanning these ads in for your enjoyment. The simple act of attempting to scan the issue's table of contents inadvertently led to cracking on several pages as well as a tear through even more pages.)

The song selection in the April 1978 issue of SONG HITS Magazine is an above average mix based soley on the previous issues we've featured and our own ever-evolving tastes. As one might expect given the era, the issue is heavy with Bee Gees tunes right from the very first song. Also notable, both sides of the Wings worldwide Number One single "Mull Of Kintyre" b/w "Girls School" are represented by their respective lyrics in this issue. 

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