TV Tuesday: STRANGER THINGS Season 2 [2017]

It's 1984 in Hawkins, Indiana - a whole year after the events of Season One - and things are stranger than before. As we haven't had the time to watch it yet here at The Hideaway, I've kept my head buried in the sand, avoiding all articles about the show EXCEPT those dealing with the music heard in Season Two, both the original score and period-appropriate or scene-appropriate songs.
Before the Second Season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix on Friday, October 28, 2017, several writers banded together over at Pitchfork to pick songs "that could serve as ideal backdrops for all the ominous action and treacherous heartache to come." Here are their choices:
An official soundtrack album for Stranger Things, featuring songs and snippets of dialogue from both Season One and Two has been released by Sony Legacy.
The original score for Season Two of Stranger Things is again composed and performed by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. It still has that cool John Carpenter/Tangerine Dream atmospheric synth thing going on and should not be missed.
As we have yet to view the second season of Stranger Things, I'm relying on my fellow contributors at What Song? and Tunefind to provide me with two lists of songs they heard while watching each of the nine episodes. I'll list only my favorite Eighties songs from each episode based on the song itself as I have no context for how it plays or is heard within Stranger Things. Consider these soundtrack spoilers and proceed at your own risk.









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  1. I haven’t had the chance to watch it, myself. One of my dream jobs would be to choose the songs featured in a TV show or movie. I’m sure getting the rights to certain songs can be a major budget-buster...so it’ll be interesting to hear what did and didn’t make the cut.