Great Music Mags: RECORD (1985-1986)

The above advertisement first appeared on the backside of a page between pages 104 and 105 of Rolling Stone issue number 444, dated March 28, 1985. Featured on the cover of this College Special were Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas looking their Miami Vice best in sleeveless tees and linen trousers.
The same solicitation would later appear again in the October 10th issue with The Boss on the cover. As Record began a fifth year of publication, it maintained the cover layout that had been established back in April of 1984, with one big cover photo and two smaller photos; one located to the right of title and the other located somewhere in the left column that listed what other artists were featured within the magazine's pages. Each issue's cover price remained at $1.50 through the end of publication after the thirteen covers pictured below. Thanks to various eBay sellers for their scans.
January 1985

February 1985

March 1985

April 1985

May 1985

June 1985
only one big and one small cover photo on this issue

July 1985
last issue's trend of just two cover pics continues with this issue

August 1985
and then there was just one

September 1985
as pointed out right there above the title, Record underwent another makeover with both a new logo - now featuring some lowercase letters - and a slight change to the tradition of just listing artists on the cover with article titles in the mix

October 1985
still trumpeting last issue's face-lift

November 1985
for the strangely un-celebrated fourth anniversary issue, all the article titles and featured artists are moved above the title leaving just the cover photo and article below the header

December 1985

January/February 1986
this issue was mailed out just before Christmas 1985 and gave no indication it would be the 39th and final issue though maybe the switch from monthly to bi-monthly was a clue
Several of the cover subjects above appeared on the front cover of RECORD before (or after) their appearance - just like the song sez - on the cover of the Rolling Stone:
Bruce Springsteen even appeared twice!

all Rolling Stone cover scans courtesy of Rolling Stone archive


  1. While I was a Rolling Stone subscriber back in 85-86, I didn't have the discretionary income to check out Record, although it woulda been right in my wheelhouse. Come to think of it, I didn't have any income back then, discretionary or otherwise. Maybe I should go back and pick up some of the issues pictured. I've slowly done the same for Musician back issues, so why not?

    1. Please buy and scan all the issues you can.

      Make the world a better place.

  2. I have all of those Records, of course. (I think I have every issue from No. 3 on.) Good magazine, though some editions were a tad slim. I like re-reading the tech features and music-video reviews - how times have changed.

    1. What a coincidence. I have the first two issues Jeff old boy so together we have the whole shebangalang. We should make a pact or something to unite our collection of Record magazines upon our demise for future generations to enjoy.

      In the meantime, please scan and share all of your issues.

      Make the world a better place.