Rhino tried to keep their FRAT ROCK! series relevant but ultimately they just ended up releasing three more somewhat generic compilations.  Of course, I never attended a frat party in the Sixties, Seventies or any other decade so I may very well be wrong. Counting on you loyal viewers to let me know, one way or another. Maybe these indeed are still more of The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Party Tunes Of All Time!
On August 15, 1995,  Rhino released three more FRAT ROCK! compilations: two covering the '70s and a final one, covering the '80s. Each featured custom cover artwork from Mitch O'Connell and a dozen tracks including full length album versions rather than single edits. Frat Rock The '70s plays like a classic rock study guide and includes two songs over nine minutes and two live tracks and one song in both categories: Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do". In toto, the disc runs 63 minutes.
Frat Rock More Of The '70s continues on in the classic rock radio vein with four songs running over five minutes in length and a head-scratching final track: "It's A Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler. Huh? The disc runs just a tad under an hour.

The disc devoted to the '80s is disappointingly the briefest of the bunch, running right at 45 minutes or, for you tapeheads, one side of a TDK SA90.  As far as Eighties mixes go, it's on the light side though it is diverse in its song selection, ranging from metal to hair metal, soundtrack cut to Number One smash single and rock to new wave. The head-scratcher this time is "Sports Fans" by The Tubes, an obscure b-side. The album is a difficult listen due to its mix of myriad styles. None of the songs from these three FRAT ROCK! discs were added to The Ultimate Frat Rock Playlist. Guess I am somewhat of a purist after all.

And they lived happily ever after!  Rush Week is now over.

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