Have You Heard? Will Powers ADVENTURES IN SUCCESS [1983]

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It's you. only you.
It's you. only you.
It's you. only you.

You are an important person. A rare individual. A unique creature. There has never been anyone just like you and never will be. You have talents and abilities no one else has. In some ways you're superior to any other living person. The power to do anything you can imagine is within you when you discover your real self by practicing a few simple laws of success.
First law of success. Take inventory of your assets. Don't be modest or critical. Be open and objective. Get a pencil and paper. Write down every good thing about yourself you can think of.

Second law of success. Write a description of the person you'd like to be. Describe your personal dress, your home, your automobile, your desired occupation and income. Be honest. Now, go even deeper. Describe the inner person you'd like to be. Let your mind run wild. Assume you can become anything that you desire. The fact is, you will become the person you honestly describe. You can't avoid it.

Third law of success. Concentrate on a mental image of the person you'd like to be. Paint a picture in your imagination of who you want to become. Constantly hold this visual in your mind's eye. See yourself performing and responding like a champion. Feel the confidence and courage that radiate from this type of person.

These three laws are powerful and effective in changing lives. They'll work for you without fail if you're persistent in applying them.
Make it habit. Make it happen. Make it habit.
Make it happen. Make it habit. Make it happen.
Make it habit. Make it happen.

It's you. Make it habit. Make it happen. Only you.
It's you. Make it habit. Make it happen. Only you.
It's you. Make it habit. Make it happen. Only you.

It would probably take years of conventional marriage counseling to straighten out this relationship. Fortunately for them and many other couples like them, there is another method that is quick, simple and inexpensive: Dancing for Mental Health.
Anyway you move, mental health is flowing into you.
Nothing left to prove, nothing else to do.
You hear the truth your body hears,
It's in your eyes and in your ears.
Like air, its flowing into you.
Dancin' osmosis. no hocus pocus.

You're probably asking yourself: "How can dancing to a particular record bring about any important change in your life? Sounds too good to be true." Well, this record is a result of three decades of psycho-acousticle engineering at the Will Powers Institute. All you need to do is purchase it, put it on your turntable, and dance. The record will do the rest.

Nothing left to lose, mental health is flowing into you.
Nothing left to choose, nothing else to do.
You move the way your body does,
It's in your bones and in your blood.
Your heart is filling up with love.
Dancin' osmosis, no hocus pocus.
You may be a sharp dresser, you may be a fantastic dancer, you may be a lively conversationalist, but what happens at the end of the evening when the time comes to show how you feel? Unless you kiss with confidence all your fancy dressing, dancing and talking won't get you a second date.

Do you want to kiss this person? Then be honest - What is keeping you from kissing with confidence? Worries. Some of them can be put to rest if you ask yourself a few simple questions before kissing:
 Is your breath fresh? Do your have spinach on your teeth? Is your deodorant strong enough?
You may also find yourself worrying about what will happen once you are in the act of kissing. Will your stomach growl? Will your braces lock? Will you be able to prolong the kiss and still breathe?
These worries are best cleared from the mind by the romance chant method, a technique which will also place your lips naturally in kissing position: 
hableme el unico del mundo. digame: comoe te hace ese sonido. tan glorioso. que aun hoba con anticipation de el. me ha reducio a un bestia. grunedo. entusiomandose y palpitando. 
Practice this chant in the morning as you rise, in the evening as you retire and just before a date.

Once you have mastered these techniques there is only one worry left - Will it go too far? It never will if you remain alert to these danger signals - heavy breathing, wandering hands, strong heartbeats. A nice way to maintain self-control without offending the other person is to say -- "I'm not ready to handle what I think is coming", then you both go home and daydream. Tomorrow you can start again fresh. Just remember - you can not get pregnant from kissing.

Once you can kiss with confidence, think of others these techniques will help. Do you know someone who drools when he kisses or burps or bites? Why not do them a favor and send them this record anonymously?
Just because the morning's sunny
To say hello, to say good-bye
Maybe something strikes you funny
Or you don't know exactly why

Ain't no reason to try and hide it
A whole lot easier to let it out
First it's playin' with your eyes
Then it's makin' mischief around your mouth

Just smile, just a smile
Just smile, just a smile
Just smile
Lookin' at a sea of smilin' faces
Knowin' we're the same inside
Feelin' good to be together
Feelin' glad to share the ride

See the rainbow, see the baby
Get in the picture with the groom and bride
Holler 'cheese' and face the Polaroid
Show the love you feel inside
Do you work at a job you despise? Do you live with cockroaches? Have you been mugged lately? Did your favorite jeans shrink in the wash? Everyone has problems. It doesn't mean you have to be a sourpuss. After all, the expression you wear on your face is far more important than the clothes you wear on your back. Instead of letting the inside influence the outside, make the outside influence the inside. Act the way you want to feel. If you want to be happy, start now.

A smile makes someone who's mad not mad
A smile makes someone who's sad not sad
A smile makes good people outta the bad
A smile is an asset you always had

It can bring you back from the end of the world
Pick you up when you feel down
Put you in touch with your fellow man
Take an ugly situation and turn it around

And now testimonial from former bag lady, Wilma Fox:

A smile is a very infectious thing. It spreads joy. It's a sign of caring. Success or failure is caused by your mental attitude, not your mental capacity. Yes, a smile can pick you up outta the gutter, make you prosperous. Now I take taxis. You just have to smile once and the whole world will smile with you. And remember that old Chinese proverb: Man without smiling face must not open shop. Paste that in your hat, honey. Smile.

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  1. The greatness of Lynn Goldsmith.

  2. Wow - definite forgotten blast from the past! I remember the song "Adventures in Success" even if I never knew the title or who performed it. Thanks for this one, Herc.

  3. Always loved this album, still very informative years after the first law of success. Make it happen.