So Fresh Spring 2015 vs Now That's What I Call Pop! [2015]

So Fresh The Hits Of Spring 2015 came out on September 10th.   The Australian release celebrates the arrival of Spring Down Under with 22 picnic perfect pop songs, 14 of which are still on the Australian Pop chart including two of my favorite songs from this past Summer (which was Winter down in Australia):

Meanwhile, a world away in the United Kingdom, tomorrow sees the release of the triple disc Now That's What I Call Pop.  If you've somehow managed to avoid buying a Now disc in the past five years or so, this might be the one for you. This one features most of the really good pop songs from that time and some of the less than good ones as well for comparison's sake.  At just a skosh over four hours, these 66 songs can soundtrack your morning commute, your after-lunch post-siesta revival, your evening commute and still have some left in the tank for a quick set at the gym.  Looking good, my friend, looking good.  Obligatory video favorites of mine to follow...

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