The Hideaway's 2015 Summer Plans

Regular viewers know that Summer is my favorite time of year - no school, no work and minimal to no clothing required!  For Summer 2013, I featured a different Songza Summer-themed playlist every day for the entire month of June and in Summer 2014, I accepted the challenge to post 100 days in a row and the resulting series, Summer In Stereo featuring guest contributions from some of my favorite people, remains one of the Hideaway's most popular features. 
For Summer 2015, it's all about SUMMER SLOW JAMS - for eighteen weeks, every Summer Sunday from the beginning of May until the end of August, I'll be featuring one (or usually more) slow jams compilation albums or series of compilation albums from the fine folks at The Right Stuff, Time-Life, Thump and Rhino among others.  To aid you in planning your Summer activities, here's a handy dandy guide to let you know what is being featured when.

2015 Summer Slow Jams schedule
datefeatured titles
May 3Slow Jams - The '60s / Smooth Grooves - The '60s
May 10Slow Jams - The '70s / Slow Jams - The '80s
May 17Time-Life's SMOOTH SOUL Series
May 24Slow Jams - On The Jazz Tip / Smooth Grooves - Smooth Jazz
May 31Smooth Grooves - Jazzy Soul
June 7Smooth Grooves - various titles part 1
June 14Time-Life's BODY + SOUL Series - the 2015 Edition
June 21Smooth Grooves - various titles part 2
June 28Smooth Grooves - The Essential Collection and Samplers
July 5Slow Jams - Favorite Songs and Favorite Love Songs
July 12Time-Life's QUIET STORM Series
July 19Smooth Grooves - New Jack Ballads
July 26SPG's Slow Jams
August 2All-Time Greatest Slow Jams
August 9Old School Love Songs
August 16Slow Jams - The Timeless Collection
August 23Time-Life's CLASSIC SOUL BALLADS Series
August 30Smooth Grooves - A Sensual Collection

(FYI, Slow Jams is the name of the Right Stuff series and Smooth Grooves is the name of Rhino's series.  The Slow Jams series began in 1993 while the Smooth Grooves series started in 1995.)  As always, comments and emails are encouraged.  Lastly, if anyone has a favorite slow jam or a favorite slow dance memory, I'd love to publish it this Summer.  Hit me up at the address over on the right.  Here's a few covers to give you a taste of what's in store.


  1. Sounds like fun. Looking forward to it.

  2. A whole summer dedicated to Heatwave's "Always and Forever"? Sweet!

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa... SPOILER ALERT!!