Summer In Stereo #4

Earlier this year, the noted country music authority Rolling Stone magazine, proclaimed Dwight Yoakam's "Guitars, Cadillacs" the 94th Greatest Country Song Of All Time. (Country Music Television's similar list puts Yoakam's signature tune at a much more realistic, respectable and righteous 45.) As luck would have it, Mr. Yoakam was performing just a few miles away from the Hideaway last night and while HERC did not witness last night's show, he has seen Yoakam perform a few times previously and the man's music embodies country music history from its bluegrass roots through it's early seventies cosmopolitan sounds.  Though it's not his debut single, "Guitars, Cadillacs" is the one that kicked it all off for HERC in the Summer of 1986.

Since the Summer of 1986, Dwight has been fairly consistent in releasing a single each Summer.  In 1988, a duet with his hero, Buck Owens, topped the Country Singles chart.  This is the rollicking "Streets Of Bakersfield":

And in 1993, Dwight had this single on the Country chart. He filmed the video for it just a few miles down the dirt road from the Hideaway so he wasn't "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere".

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