Summer In Stereo #72

HERC was at a corporate function in Vegas in Summer 1991 and the DJ wove this song in and out of a long P-funk heavy mix and it has been associated with Summer in HERC's head ever since.  With a hook sampled from Parliament's "Theme From The Black Hole"  ("all around the world for the funk"), Shock G, Humpty Hump and Money B trade verses backed by a phat bass beat, organ blasts and the drum beat from "Walk This Way".  Then Shock G comes back around and calls "Tupac, go ahead and rock this" and we have Tupac's debut, before he succumbed 2 the dangers he raps about in this very verse: "get some fame, people change, wanna live their life high".  Digital Underground (including Pac) and this song appear in the absolutely horrible Dan Aykroyd/Chevy Chase/John Candy/Demi Moore vehicle Nothing But Trouble.  But forget all that and listen to this:

I came for the party to get naughty get my rocks on 
eat popcorn watch you move your body to the pop song
that I'm singing dinga linging funky beats ringing
everybodys swinging in the place
as I kick the J-A-Z-Z-Y style
R&B mixing it with the hip hop swing beat
Champagne in my hand, it wont be long till I'm gone
It's just the same old song

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