illustration: Mark Perkins
Who knew?
No one knew, actually.  The album is a fan-made collection of Christmas and Holiday songs performed on the TV series, Fame, that ran for six seasons beginning in 1982.  Mark Perkins, major domo of Kids From Fame Media, recently posted the collection.  His site is a treasure trove for fans, featuring all sorts of media related to the show including magazine articles & photos, videos and fan fiction.  Mark also has a YouTube channel that features full episodes and other unreleased albums of songs from the show.  After two listens to this Christmas album, HERC would have to say it is for die-hard fans only, people who listen  to the music or watch the show at least weekly.  HERC is not such a fan. He only likes the 39 episodes of the first two seasons (coincidentally, the only two seasons which are officially available on DVD) and these two albums:

The show and its albums were HUGE hits over in the United Kingdom: the first album (above left) was #1 over there for a total of a dozen weeks even with a four week "break" when Dire Straits topped the charts with Love Over Gold.  Here in the States, that same album languished in the Top 200 at #146.  Songs (above right) charted even lower while The Kids From Fame LIve album (recorded at London's Royal Albert Hall) crept all the way up to #98 in America.  Back in the UK, there were five charting singles (below), sold out concert tours by the cast, home video releases of those concerts, even a Fame magazine.

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  1. Ah, you almost had me with that headline. I was like "what the?!?". I am a huge Fame fan so I will go check out the link. Thanks.