'80s Compilation Week 2: PURE 80's [1999-2007]

Following three volumes of Pure Disco and one disc each of Pure 60's, Pure 70's and Pure Funk, Universal Music began releasing a series of Pure 80's compact discs featuring not only songs from their considerable holdings but also licensed from every other major label as well.  All are single discs and feature 17-20 tracks from the "Decade of Excess" as stated right above the title on each disc.  (Sony launched its own Pure... series in European markets in 2010 and to date has released a dozen budget-priced 4CD sets.)

release date: 8/10/99
mastering: Suha Gur

release date: 3/21/00
mastering: Suha Gur

release date: 3/13/01
mastering: Doug Schwartz

A special Limited Edition of Pure 80's Hits comes with a bonus disc: 

release date: 5/21/02
mastering: Doug Schwartz

release date: 1/28/03
mastering: Jeff Schwartz

release date: 4/6/04
mastering: Erick Labson

release date: 5/9/06
mastering: Gavin Lurssen
note: the apostrophe migrated in the title


Universal released the first video collection in the Pure 80's series on DVD alongside Pure 80's Rock in 2002 then followed that up with a three disc set in 2006 before releasing each of the three discs individually six months later in 2007.  The first DVD has 14 videos and the other three discs have 15 videos each.  Notice the apostrophe again... 

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