THE ROCK ALBUM Saga [1980-1986]

He's baaaack. HERC returns with another K-Tel selection from The Hideaway's collection. According to Discogs.com, The Rock Album has 14 tracks; half of them are from 1979 and the other half were released between 1974-1978. HERC knows from wildly exaggerated over imagination personal experience that all but three of the album's tracks can still be heard daily on the Classic Rock station of your choice. [HERC likes this one.] Since most of the songs on this one were released in or before 1979, HERC thinks he may have acquired it in 1980. Like other K-Tel releases, The Rock Album was also released in Canada and Germany with slightly altered, sixteen song (!) tracklists in each country. You can listen to HERC's exclusive 30 track United Nations Mix by clicking HERE. There are a few tracks in common with the US version but also a few songs that rock somewhat less.

BUT WAIT! HERC's copy of The Rock Album is an entirely different album with the same title. From 1986!!! And it only has 10 tracks! From 1981-1986! The cover art is similar to the one pictured at the top of this post except instead of a dark border framing the gold, there is a white border. Video of the one track missing from the playlist below can be found directly after the Spotify player.

And that's not the end of The Rock Album saga...

In 1997, K-Tel re-released The Rock Album as a two volume CD set as part of their Classic Reissue Series, padding out the original 1980 release's fourteen songs with six additional tracks.

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