Ready Player One [HERC's Mix]

Chances are regular readers of HERC's posts here at The Hideaway will enjoy this book.  USA Today said it was "Willy Wonka meets The Matrix" which will give you an idea of what to expect.  HERC has read it, re-read it and then read it again.  He even checked out the unabridged audio book from the local library and listened as celebrigeek Wil Wheaton(!) read it to him.  HERC is at a loss for words to describe Ready Player One other than to say he can't wait to read Ernest Cline's new book - ARMADA - which should be published soon.  Cline was kind enough to curate an "Official Spotify Soundtrack" of music mentioned in the book shortly after it's publication in 2011 (below).

In 2012, Spotify user beefbologna created a playlist he calls Ready Player One.  Whether or not his musical selections were inspired by the book is irrelevant because they actually kind of fit.

While reading Cline's words over and over again, an alternate soundtrack began to form in HERC's head.  He humbly presents those mental musical meanderings via the Spotify playlist that follows.

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