iTunes 11 *insert Spinal Tap reference here*

After a shameless tease intriguing preview at the iPhone 5 event way way WAY back in September, Apple has finally released iTunes 11 and, if HERC's early experiences are any indication, it may very well be the fastest, most powerful and easiest to navigate version of the much maligned media management software yet.

If you use iTunes with any sort of regularity, you'll have to endure a small learning curve but it's worth it.  Let HERC know what you think after taking it for a test drive yourself.  [DISCLAIMER: HERC uses both iTunes and MediaMonkey to manage and listen to the digital division of the Hideaway's Audio Archives.]

Thus far, the stand-out features for HERC are the new look, multi-functional MiniPlayer 

the sweet, expanded Album View with color coordinated cover art background

and Up Next, the first ever iTunes on-the-fly play queue - if you don't count iTunes DJ.


To paraphrase a famous Vampire hunter: "You can't please all of the people all of the time."  But there is enough sweet eye candy backed by solid performance and useful features to make iTunes 11 the premier choice of iUsers once again. If you have never used iTunes or stopped using it because it was a sluggish, resource hog now might be the time to give it a second look.  Download from Apple.

To upgrade, existing iTunes users can open the program on their machine and click on Help.  From the resultant menu, select Check for Updates and follow the onscreen prompts.

Apple updates Remote app for iPhone, iPad

And the cherry on top of this sundae is the free iOS app, Remote, which was updated today as well.  HERC uses it almost daily.  All in all, this has been a pretty good day for digital music fans.

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