Wicked Women [HERC's Halloween Mix]

Woman may very well be the root of all evil depending on your interpretation of Genesis 3:06.  If you are still undecided, check out the songs in the playlist at the end of this post in which much more testimony is provided.  Until then, here's a few videos to help build a case.

One of  the Spotify holdouts are Eagles (like Ramones, there is no "the") and that's too bad because they have many fine songs on many of HERC's playlists, mixtapes and mix CDs.  The rare live take above of "Witchy Woman", from the band's self-titled 1972 debut album, was co-written by Don Henley and Bernie Leadon.  Henley says his lyrics were inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, who was F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife and the basis of the character "Daisy Buchanan" is his classic novel, The Great Gatsby.  [HERC loves Gatsby - it's one of three classic novels he keeps on his iPod Touch at all times.]

Almost everyone knows what the very first music video played on MTV was but do you know what the 56th video played was? (Hint: That video is directly above).  April Wine was in fact the very first Canadian act played on MTV when the video for "Just Between You And Me", the first single from their 1981 album Nature Of The Beast, aired as the 14th video on August 1st, 1981.  It also was the first video the all music channel repeated when they aired it again as the 62nd video of the day.  The second single from that album was this cover of a tune by their fellow Canadian, Lorence Hud aka Wolverine.  If you're like HERC, you didn't know this fact until now and the question is "how does the original version sound?"  Asked and answered below:

Back when he was known more for his music than his bow-hunting skills or political views, Ted Nugent unleashed this ode to a wicked woman.  The song was featured in the opening scene of an episode of Miami Vice during the second season also titled "Little Miss Dangerous" and Ted himself had starred in one of HERC's favorite episodes of Miami Vice, the one titled "Definitely Miami" which originally aired two weeks before "Little Miss Dangerous".  Another wicked woman, a tantalizing temptress, starred as Nugent's partner in crime.  One of the best parts is the ending, as featured in the video below:

Keeping the Eighties theme alive, here is Mötley Crüe singing about a modern-day Medüsa.  Written by bassist Nikki "I Was Clinically Dead For Like 5 Minutes" Sixx who based the lyrics on a personal experience much like Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady".  NOT!  The video was the Crüe's first MTV hit and for HERC's money, it is one of the band's two strongest tracks, with the other being "Kickstart My Heart" which is also based on Sixx's life.

Cher is one of three women whose songs are on today's playlist about women and this song has it all: black magic, a gypsy fortune teller, a tempted man and murder.  The 1974 song, Cher's third #1 hit as a solo artist, is from her eleventh album, also titled Dark Lady and it was written by Johnny Durrell of the guitar group, The Ventures.  The video performance is from an episode of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

The original version of this song from the band's 1975 album Face The Music features a minute-long orchestral into which was edited off on the U.S. single version and most subsequent compilation album appearances.  Jeff Lynne pulled a George Lucas of sorts when he went back and re-recorded his group's greatest hits with modern technology, claiming that now the songs sound more like he always heard them in his head.  As Lynne owns the rights to the new recordings which sound eerily close to the originals (Sony owns the rights to the original versions), he stands to make more money when they are licensed for use in television shows, commercials and movies.

Often mistaken as a Creedence Clearwater Revival track, The Hollies 1972 hit "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" was a surprise hit in America.  The guitar sound and riffs are quite similar sounding to CCR.  It's worth noting that the lead singer and the song's writer, Allen Clarke, left the group shortly after the song was recorded only to return two years later.  The video above is probably from 1974 or 1975 as that is Clarke out front.

And now without further ado, here's another Halloween playlist:

[FULL DISCLOSURE: HERC loves women and he has no one to blame except himself for all the foolish things he has done for them throughout his life.  On the other hand, he did somehow manage to land Mrs. HERC so it was all worth it.]

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