Wow! That's What I Call Music! 11: Nothin' But Jamz!

Hope you have some time to kill.  But let's face it, that's why you're here right?  This playlist, featuring 24 musicspace.com R&B and Hip Hop collections with music from the 1970s through the 2000s, has over 500 tracks.  Old school, new jack, slow jams, dancehall, disco, funk, soul, rap, ragga, booty, crunk, freestyle, urban and R&B - it's all here.  This could very well be the ultimate party soundtrack for some of you!

HERC will not bore you with all the TV commercials - chances are you've seen most of them and are fully capable of seeking out the ones you haven't.  But HERC will give you the complete list of collections featured in the playlist at the end of this post so you can see what he's twerking working with:
  • Booty Time
  • Can U Dig?!
  • Tha Down Low
  • The Essential R&B Collection
  • Forever Freestyle
  • The Groove
  • Hip Hop Gold
  • The Hook Up
  • Joint Jamz
  • Love You Down
  • Monsta Flava
  • Monsta Jamz
  • Monsta Old Skool
  • Monster Booty: Platinum BADONKADONK Edition
  • Monster Disco
  • Monsters Of Rap: Platinum Edition
  • Night Grooves
  • Non Stop Hip Hop
  • Slow Grind
  • Slow Motion
  • Stand Back
  • Sweet 70s Soul
  • That's My Jam
  • Thug Nation
Some of them can still be obtained from musicspace.com but a few are mercifully sadly out of print so you'll have to broaden the search in your quest for acquisition.  And Spotify really came through this time with an astonishing 93% of the tracks available.

It is a "HERC's Mix" though and that means he was a little liberal sometimes with his selections on which versions to include - while there are a few radio versions most are the explicit album versions.  And for Monster Disco in particular, HERC selected his favorite 12" mixes.  Every effort to weed out re-recordings was made and apologies are offered if any slipped under the radar.  Please notify the Hideaway if you hear any abominations.

Before the playlist is revealed, here are some videos of HERC's favorite tracks:


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