FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 May 1, 1983

Our man Casey filmed this episode very near his fifty-first birthday.  Mr. Kasem and I share a birthday though he was born thirty-four years before I was so I would have been seventeen and just getting my driver's license in the last month of my junior year in high school.  Back to the Countdown...  In my most humble opinion this Top 10, even the Top 40 of Billboard's Hot 100 for the week ending April, 30, 1983, is one of the strongest ever with Prince debuting at #10 and Michael Jackson like a boss with two songs in Top 10.  Bonus points for you if you knew Laura Branigan sang a Der Kommissar song because I never did until watching this episode.  burtiscurtis09 comes through with a dang near thirteen minute edit of this week's episode, complete with intros and outros for the three spotlight videos and the following charts: Pop, LPs and Soul.  Check out those videos and charts below before peeping the episode.


Music on TV that weekend
American Bandstand

Soul Train

Solid Gold


  1. Happy birthday, Herc!!!!

    I did know about Laura and "Der Kommisar" - learned it about four or five years ago when I was filling in on her albums for my digital library. I rather like her version all in all.

    1. As promised, bonus points for you, Martin.

      I have owned Branigan 2 for thirty-two years and don't recall ever hearing it once but sure enough there it is. My wife claims she kinda sorta remembers it but whatever.

  2. Though, actually, it is not "exactly" Der Kommisar - but close enough, eh? ;)

    1. Not exactly but I get it.

      And thanks for the birthday wishes. I got so many this year, I feel I should have aged two years instead of just one. Still chasing you, though:)