FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 March 28, 1992

Like it is this year in 2015, March 28th was a Saturday in 1992.  And like this year and every end of March, sports fans across the country were afflicted with March Madness.  
On March 28, 1992, Christian Laettner made a buzzer-beater in what is now regarded as the greatest college basketball game ever played as his Duke Blue Devils beat the Kentucky Wildcats in overtime in the NCAA East Regional final in Philadelphia to advance to the Final Four in Minneapolis. Laettner and Duke would go on to win the Championship that year by blowing out Michigan's freshman Fab Five by twenty points a week later.  
Basketball was also the theme of the top grossing movie that weekend as White Men Can't Jump debuted at the box office with $14.7 million, which was $1.5M more than second place Basic Instinct, then enjoying its second weekend in theaters.  More than likely, HERC was working that Saturday and these probably were some of the songs he was listening to on the radio there in the back room.  Somebody somewhere recorded that week's episode of America's Top 10 and burtiscurtis09 has digitized it for our viewing pleasure. Casey counts down the Top 10 Singles from the Hot 100 chart and the Top 10 Albums from the Top 200 chart. Casey's rundown of the Top 10 Movies at the box office is actually the Top 10 from March 13-15 giving us an idea of the 7-10 day production lead time that went into each episode - of course they wouldn't know which films made the most money that weekend as it was still going on.  Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled for this episode so click the link after the two Spotify playlists below to watch all 12 minutes over on YouTube.

Garth Brooks had #1 and #5 albums in Top 10 but they are missing from playlist above because Brooks never did Spotify.


ARC Top 40
NME chart from this book
did I miss anything?

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