FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 December 14, 1980

Because Billboard postdates their charts and issues, a naive researcher would uncover this headline for the week of December 8, 1980:
The date is right but is was published three days before the senseless tragedy that led to the untimely passing of John Lennon.  The following week's issue, as expected, featured myriad stories and industry reports under this headline:
Both the American Top 40 radio show and America's Top 10 television show featuring the December 13th charts had to scramble to fit the news of Lennon's death into their respective programs because they were recorded before the night of December 8th.  For the Top 40, this meant recording two new complete half-hour segments to replace existing segments of the show which had already been recorded on December 3rd and mailed out on December 6th.  In a letter to the show's subscribers dated December 8th, Watermark, the show's production company, deemed the existing segments "inappropriate" and hoped that the replacement segments would arrive in time for broadcast.  The segments deemed "inappropriate" were a listener question and Casey's answer about posthumous hits and Casey's light-hearted, business as usual introduction to Lennon's then current chart hit "(Just Like) Starting Over".  Listen to Casey's tribute to Lennon, his newly-recorded introduction to "(Just Like) Starting Over" (volume warning!): 
For Top 10, this meant filming an entire half-hour tribute episode to Lennon and his music to air as soon as possible after the AT10 episode dated December 14, 1980.  Casey's somber plug for this "very special episode" can be seen at the beginning of the commercial block below:

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the Hideaway's unofficial AT10 archivist, burtiscurtis09, was able to get that Lennon episode.  So here we go with the regularly scheduled AT10 broadcast featuring the charts from Billboard's December 13, 1980 issue.  The edit of the episode captures all three featured charts and the introductions of their respective Spotlight videos though thankfully edits out an interview with Susan Anton.  While HERC was researching this episode of the show, he uncovered the video below featuring the first six minutes of the episode unedited, which means it features Pat Benatar's Albums Spotlight video:
The Pop Spotlight video was a live performance of Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster (Jammin')" and the Country Spotlight shone on Charley Pride's "You Almost Slipped My Mind".  Sweet Kenny Rogers topped the Pop Album and Pop Singles charts and his Greatest Hits album also topped the Country Albums chart as well, one of four identically named albums in the Top 5.  Here are those countdown playlists as featured on the show, followed by the video of the episode.


Albums missing #6 Feel Me by Cameo

AC missing #4: "Without Your Love" - Roger Daltrey   Disco missing #7 "All My Love" - L.A.X. and #9 "Action Satisfaction" - Melody Stewart

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